Sausage week success . . . a sizzling good story from Muxton

The Cooper family have been loyal customers of Badley’s for nearly a decade now - and it’s all thanks to a ‘sausage week’ which was held at their son’s primary school.

Dad Bill Cooper explains: “The reason we found Badley’s in the first place is because they supplied the sausages for this event at the school.

“Our son raved about how nice they tasted, so we thought we would give Badley’s a try - and have never been anywhere else since.

“As a family we have lots of favourites, such as joint of beef for Sunday lunch; bacon, sausage, and eggs for breakfast; pork pies; the new sausage, bean and cheese bake; sausage burgers; diced beef for casserole . . . the list goes on.

“Not forgetting the most important meal of the year, Christmas lunch – beautiful local turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing etc. I’m hungry just thinking about it.”

But it’s more than just the choice and quality of products which keeps the Cooper family coming back to Badley's time and again.

Bill adds: “They are a family-run business, and therefore they know all their customers by name, and you get locally-sourced products, and the personal service.”

The family moved to Telford around 12 years ago, from Birmingham, and live in Muxton.

Bill certainly knows a thing or two about the importance of delivering the goods – when he’s not working in the quality department of a large global company, he is a volunteer rider for Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire Blood Bikes.