Knowing where our food comes from has never been more important, and local butchers have the sort of in-depth knowledge about meat that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

At G. N. Badley & Sons, we can trace our meat to the very start of the chain, because we have personal relationships with the farmers involved – and probably unloaded the lorry carrying it.

Not only that, but our expert team know how every single muscle on an animal works, and how to best prepare it for sale.

We can also offer expert advice about various cuts, their different cooking methods, and what to serve with them.

For example, offal seems to be making a real comeback right now, and there are also lots of exciting new cooking tips for the likes of liver, oxtail, and neck lamb.
And traditional meat joints are becoming more versatile, as they’re being turned into ‘pulled’ dishes to appeal to younger customers.

Meat is our passion . . . our lives. We understand that people want to support independent traders who buy from local suppliers and have expert knowledge - built on years of experience.

Our turkeys, chickens and geese come from Shrewsbury, while beef and pork are sourced from various farms across Shropshire and Staffordshire. We are proud to support local farmers.

We can offer something to suit every size, taste and budget.
An award-winning Kelly Bronze turkey for the festival table, perhaps?

A rolled boneless breast filled with stuffing, and wrapped in dry cured bacon, maybe?

Or how about a prime cut of locally-sourced beef, pork, chicken, lamb or goose to get the juices flowing?

If you want to know the difference between a topside, silverside, rump or rib, come and see us – we’d be delighted to share our years of experience to help you create the perfect feast.