And our 2019 sausage challenge winners are...?

A spicy European recipe, and a long-time British classic, have been revealed as the 2019 winners of the ‘Great Shropshire Sausage Challenge’.

Telford-based G.N. Badley & Sons once again challenged people to come up with their favourite sausage recipes, to be produced and put up for sale.

It was all part of the build-up to UK Sausage Week, which runs from October 28 to November 3 – the week when the UK had been due to leave the European Union.

“We thought the competition ought to have a Brexit flavour this year, in recognition of the date clash – so we changed the rules a bit,” explained managing director Simon Badley.

“We asked people to give us either their favourite sausage recipe made from British ingredients, their favourite which includes more European influences - or ideally, one of each.”

“We have now picked the most popular recipe from each category to put on sale at our store in Gibbons Road, Trench.”

This year’s most popular choices are a tried-and-rested British favourite, sage and onion, and a European recipe with a touch of spice - hot Spanish.

The challenge was brought back this year after the huge success of its debut last year, when Sylvia Davies from Donnington came up with a full English breakfast in a banger.

Her Lincolnshire pork, a mix of smoked and unsmoked bacon, and egg was put on sale at the G.N Badley & Sons shop during UK Sausage Week, and has remained part of the menu ever since, selling over 10,000 at the Trench store.

Mr Badley said: “The great British sausage remains hugely more popular – and that’s partly because there have never been so many different recipes for sale.

“We want to offer customers something fresh and different for UK Sausage Week. Even though the Brexit date of October 31 has ended up being a non-event, we’ve still ended up with two new and exciting flavours to put on sale.”

The family-run team at G.N Badley & Sons is currently making 120kgs of plain pork sausage every week for sale at the Telford shop – plus a further 10kg of flavoured sausage. All its meat is sourced from Shropshire and Staffordshire farmers.

G.N. Badley & Sons, a family-run business which has been running since 1976, also currently sells two different flavoured gourmet sausage recipes at its shop each week.