Hands off our sausages! Meat tax idea should get the chop, say butchers

Courtesy of Shropshire Star

CALLS for a “meat tax” have been given the short-shrift by butchers in Shropshire, who warn that it could have the opposite effect of what was intended.

A report by experts at Oxford University says putting hefty taxes on processed meats could help save 6,000 lives a year in the UK.

But butchers in the county have poured cold water on the claims, warning the extra cost could force people to switch to cheap, mass-produced meat.

The study, carried out by the university’s Nuffield Department of Population Health, said new taxes could also save the UK economy £700 million in healthcare costs. Lead researcher Dr Marco Springmann suggested a tax rate of 79 per cent on processed meat, such as sausages and bacon, and 14 per cent on red meats.

But Kay Badley, who runs G N Badley & Sons Butchers  in Trench in Telford believes such a tax would be totally unwarranted. She said it was more important to be looking at the quality of the ingredients.

“My fear is if they did this, people would start using cheaper cuts of meat, and having more things put in to make them taste good,” said Mrs Badley.

“As far as we’re concerned, we know where our stuff comes from, we use the best quality you can get. If people were encouraged to come to a good family butcher, they would be eating better quality food without all the e-numbers.”

Mrs Badley said the important thing was that red and processed meats should form
part of a balanced diet. “Don’t sit down and have a plate of sausages, but have a couple of sausages and vegetables.” ...

Extract from Shropshire Star, Friday 9th November 2018

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