Jolly Roger . . . our latest BBQ pack winner receives his prize

Roger Cleaton is the latest winner of a 25-piece Badley's BBQ meat pack, after his name was drawn out of the hat in our most recent giveaway.

The pack includes quarter pound steak burgers, sausages, chicken and pepper kebabs, pork ribs, burger and hot dog baps, and a choice of marinades.

Roger, from Dawley, was introduced to us by his eldest son Tom just over a year ago, and says: “It’s just brilliant. I love the place – and I’m not just saying that because I’ve won the competition!

“I love all their meats, but particularly the sausages, the chicken fillets, and the way they smoke their bacon.

“My wife is Colombian, and likes a skirt cut of meat, which you can’t get everywhere. We just ring up Badley’s, tell them what we want, and they sort it all out for us. I can’t fault the service, or the quality of the meat.”

The BBQ packs have been a big hit since we launched them a few weeks ago.

We’re currently running a cut-price £19.99 offer for online orders – check out all the details here: