Meet the winners of our National Butchers' Week giveaway

Two Telford families have been presented with meaty treats after their names were drawn out of the hat in a National Butcher’s Week giveaway.

G.N. Badley & Sons, from Trench, launched the giveaway for one of its popular Butcher’s Essential meat packs, and one of its new Breakfast packs, as part of its busy programme of activities during the week.

And the delighted winners have now been into the Gibbons Road store to collect their prizes.

The Butcher’s Essential pack worth £30, including sausage, bacon, minced beef, chicken fillets, pork steaks, gammon steaks, beef steak burgers, and a roasting joint was won by Lois Miller, from Donnington.

She said: “I have been with Badley's for around eight years. “My mum introduced me to the shop and I have been using it ever since. I never usually win anything, so I’m delighted.”

The Breakfast pack, with sausages, dry cured back bacon, meat patties, black pudding, and Shropshire free range eggs, was won by Michael Clarke from Holmer Lake, who discovered Badley’s during the first Covid lockdown last spring.

“We heard them mention they delivered meat locally, so I rang. As my wife and I are in our mid-70s the facility of getting packs of meat to keep us well fed was ideal. 

“Since that time we have ordered meat packs periodically, each with additional items, and at Christmas had a whole turkey and turkey breast pack. 

“All the meat we have had has been first class; since the first delivery we have picked up all the others from the shop, as we’ve felt safe to visit.”

Simon Badley, managing director of G.N. Badley & Sons, said: “National Butchers’ Week is the perfect time to remind people about the great quality meat that is available from master butchers.

“We’re really grateful for all the support which our customers, old and new, have shown to us over the past year which has been difficult for us all, and we wanted to give something back by way of saying thanks.”