PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: British Matured Beef Rump Steak

Every week throughout the summer, we’re going to be turning the spotlight on a different one of our popular products.

This week it’s the turn of our British Matured Beef Rump Steak.

Our British rump steaks are cut and matured from locally-sourced beef.  

They are hand-cut by our master butchers, after being matured for a minimum of 21 days, so it melts in the mouth.

Rump steak is a tasty, tender and lean cut from the lower back area of the cow. It has a firmer texture than sirloin, and is often considered to have more flavour.

You get a larger amount of rump steak at a lower cost compared to cuts like rib eye.

Our rump steaks are sold fresh in store, or chilled, put in a vacuum bag and sealed for delivery . . . ideal for the fridge or freezer.

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Here’s celebrity chef James Martin, on the BBC Good Food website, explaining how to cook the perfect rump steak: Click here