PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Dry cured back bacon

Whatever the weather, and whatever the time of year, bacon is always one of our best sellers.

In fact, during lockdown, we’ve seen sales of bacon, plus our sausages, more than double.

And with another heatwave now upon us, what better time to turn the spotlight on our dry cured back bacon as the latest product of the week?

Our traditional unsmoked rindless back bacon rashers are hand cured in-store by our master butchers, using quality pork and curing salts.

It's put in a vacuum bag and sealed - ideal for your fridge or freezer. Our bacon is sold fresh, but also well chilled before delivery!

And if you’re looking for something more imaginative than simply a good old fashioned bacon butty, traditional full English breakfast, or quick and easy treat on the barbecue take a look at some of these tasty bacon recipes from the team at BBC Good Food: Click here