PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Pork loin steaks - with or without marinade

Our pork loin steaks are hand cut by our master butchers – and available as either plain steaks, or in our special sticky maple marinade.

Starting from £1.55, our steaks are available either as 6oz, 8oz or 10oz cuts – sold fresh and put in a sealed vacuum bag for your fridge or freezer.

We’ve also created packs of three ready-marinaded pork steaks for you too, the very same British pork loin steaks, cut by our master butchers, then marinated in our sticky maple recipe. 

They are sold on a Natural Pac tray which is made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp - a by-product of the sugar refining industry.

Again, it is suitable for the freezer, microwave and the oven up to 120 degrees and can be frozen to -10 degrees. Natural Pac is both home and commercially compostable, and comes with a clear lid made from recycled and recyclable plastic. 

Looking for some more pork loin steak recipes? Here are a few from our friends at BBC Food. Click here.