Quality meat and friendly service from a 'proper' butcher

After a few disappointing purchases from local supermarkets, Jane and Steve Bevan started to look round for a ‘proper’ butcher.

They found G.N. Badley & Sons, and have now been loyal customers for around 10 years.

Jane retired from an accounts role at the start of lockdown, while part-time IT manager Steve is looking to retire at the end of the summer.

Jane says: “We think Badley’s offer extremely good quality meat that is value for money. The friendly and personal service makes shopping with them a pleasure.

“Kay and Lee are very friendly and are always happy to provide personal service to make sure we get exactly what we want.

“That means that even if there are no ‘minties’ on the counter, they’ll pop out the back, cut the chops and season them especially for us.”

As for their favourite Badley’s product, the couple say it’s difficult to choose one particular product over others.

“Our weekly shop usually includes a pork pie and chicken breast. The range of different home-made sausages available means that there is always variety there as well. The minted lamb chops are a regular purchase too.

“We normally shop in-store, making a weekly visit. It’s good to know that, if necessary, we have the option to order on-line and have a delivery.”

And finally . . .  are there any particular favourite recipes that Jane and Steve create with Badley’s products, that they’d like to share?

Jane says: “Sunday dinner this week was slow cooked lamb shank: a couple of small lamb shanks put in the slow cooker with fresh carrots, onions, potatoes and sweetcorn.

"Covered with water and then cooked throughout the day. Served in a bowl to prevent gravy spillage!”

PICTURED: Jane and Steve's slow cooked lamb shank