Quality products, great prices, and a friendly team - it's the 'whole package'

Sue Spiers started using Badley’s for her meat around 15 years ago, after glowing recommendations from her brother.

Now her daughter has also become a satisfied Badley’s customer. So why do the family love the store so much?

Sue, from Sutton Hill, says: “You get the whole package - great quality products, great prices and a great friendly team.

“An extra bonus is that they have a store card, so with every shop you collect points, which I save up for Christmas.”

Sue explains: “I was introduced to Badley’s by my brother Ben who had been using them for a couple of years already and had said how good their products were. Now my daughter has her own home, she is now using Badley’s too. 

“Badley’s has such a variety. I love trying whatever they have on offer, alongside the usual cuts of lamb, beef, pork and chicken. We love the cooked variety they supply too - steak bakes and sausage rolls are a firm favourite with my son.

“I love going in store as it is always a great experience; I and always come away smiling and often laughing.

“Kay and Lee are so friendly and have gotten me through some tough times - no matter how you feel going into the store, you always come out feeling a whole lot better, smiling or laughing.

“Nothing is ever too much or too little for them. They cater to all my requests as I’m disabled and health issues effect my hands, I feel they go above and beyond to make sure my orders are done so I have no prep work to do like stuffing the chicken or cutting up in chunks to the size I like.

“I wouldn’t get this service, or the quality of meat they supply, buying from a supermarket.

“Not only that, but the team are so knowledgeable and can answer any questions I ask on how to best cook or use their meats or suggest different cuts of meat that I haven’t tried or thought to use.”