Sizzling recipe challenge is revealed for 'Telford Sausage Week'

A competition has been launched to create the perfect ‘Telford Sausage’ in the build up to a week-long celebration event.

Telford Sausage Week, from October 18-24, is being run by Trench-based independent butcher G.N. Badley & Sons.

And the centrepiece of the event is a challenge to find the quintessential Telford Sausage recipe, which will then be put to the taste test – and hopefully find its way onto many local menus.

Simon Badley, managing director of G.N. Badley & Sons, said: “The great British sausage has never been more popular – and that’s partly because there have never been so many different recipes for sale.

“We want to offer customers something fresh and different, with a distinctively different flavour, for Telford Sausage Week – and that’s why we are laying down the challenge to come up with an exciting new recipe.

“So, if we were to say to you: ‘Create the quintessential Telford sausage…’ what would it contain?

“Something to reflect the characteristics of the town, perhaps – innovative, modern, and a real melting pot of different backgrounds, heritage and cultures?

“Something which pays homage to the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution – barbecued over a red-hot flame like those vintage furnaces? Or maybe a recipe which harks back to the area’s agricultural and farming heritage?”

Simon added: “Some meats come in and out of fashion, but this is not the case with the great British sausage. They’re a staple of the British household diet, and demand for more and more gourmet flavoured sausage continues to grow.

“We can’t wait to see what sort of recipe suggestions the people of Telford come up with – we’re looking forward to receiving some imaginative and mouth-watering ideas.”

To submit your entries, including an outline of the ingredient you think a Telford Sausage should contain, simply complete the form below: