Spreading Christmas cheer to Telford pensioners

Members of a Telford luncheon club have been treated to an exclusive preview of a brand new Christmas sausage recipe from an award-winning local butcher.

G.N. Badley & Sons supplied the very first batch of its brand new festive sausages to Randlay Pensioners Luncheon Club, which meets every Friday at the local community centre.

And the result? A massive thumbs-up from the 50-plus diners.

The sausages, a bend of pork shoulder, turkey, cranberry, sage, and seasoning, are due to go on sale at G.N. Badley & Sons in Gibbons Road, Trench, at the end of this week.

The family-run butcher’s shop is no stranger to producing innovative new sausage blends.

It laid down a sizzling challenge to amateur county cooks earlier this year to come up with a new sausage recipe – and chose a full English breakfast in a banger as winner of its ‘Great Shropshire Sausage Challenge’.

Director Kay Badley, who helped serve up the festive sausages at the Randlay club, said: “We’re delighted by how well they were received by diners, and it’s great to be able to spread some Christmas cheer to such a popular local group.

“If the Christmas sausages prove to be half as successful as our English breakfast recipe, which has been flying off the shelves, we’ll be absolutely delighted.”

She added: “The great British sausage has never been more popular – and that’s partly because there have never been so many different recipes for sale. We want to offer customers something fresh and different.

“We know many members of the Randlay luncheon club, because they have been customers of ours for many years – so it was great to be able to give them a sneak preview of our latest festive recipe.”

G.N Badley & Sons makes an average of 120kgs of plain pork sausage every week for sale at their Telford shop – plus a further 10kg of flavoured sausage.

The family-run business has been running since 1976, and was voted one of the top three butchers in Shropshire in a competition run by the Shropshire Star earlier this year.