We're proud to have retained our five-star food hygiene rating

We pride ourselves on offering a five-star service – but it’s always nice to be able to prove it!

We’re delighted to reveal that we have retained our five-star food hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency.

The ratings are designed to help the public to make informed choices about where to buy and eat food.

It assesses a wide range of factors, including:

  • Handling of food
  • How food is stored
  • How food is prepared
  • Cleanliness of facilities
  • How food safety is managed

Director Kay Badley said: “We’re proud to be able to display our five-star green sticker in the shop window.

“The food hygiene rating is a nationally-recognised reflection of reflects the standards found during an inspection carried out by the local authority.

“They check everything, from how hygienically food is handled, to the physical condition of the business – including cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation, pest control and other facilities

“The assessment also takes into account how a business manages ways of keeping food safe, looking at processes, training and systems to ensure good hygiene is maintained.”

The Food Standards Agency says: “The striking black and green stickers give people the ‘at a glance’ reassurance they seek that businesses are taking food hygiene seriously.

“What’s more, we know that food businesses themselves benefit, because consumers vote with their feet and choose to buy food from higher-rated premises.”