PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Our classic Pork Pie

Looking for a last-minute gift for Father’s Day, by any chance? Well, our product of the week could just be the answer.

Who doesn’t love a fabulous home-made pork pie, which has been part of the UK menu since medieval times.

Here at Badley’s our pork pie is made from hot water pastry, pressed then filled with cured pork meat.

Once cooked, it is filled with the finest pie jelly - great as a snack, on a buffet, with a ploughman’s lunch, or simply accompanied by a healthy dab of pickle or mustard.

Our large pork pie is approximately 1lb, and you can pick one up now for £3.25. It’s an absolute treat . . . and we’re not telling porkies! Order now here

Want to know more about the origin of the classic pork pie? Check out this page.